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  1. Shouto Todoroki disse:

    mira tu que bien

  2. Justine Zeta disse:

  3. A jojo shitposter disse:

    por alguna razon pensaba en el bitcoin cuando me llego la notificacion

  4. Izuku Midoriya disse:


  5. Gorea disse:


  6. Sama disse:


  7. Pain Amvs disse:

    lmao when i seen this in my feed.

  8. Cinnamon Roll disse:

    This made my day :’)

  9. trnto27 disse:

    You know, I had this idea. You just made my dream a reality.

  10. Anthony97531X disse:



  11. Papa Nappa disse:

    Nice watermark. I’m glad you are taking initiative and protecting this video as your own.

  12. World of the Casual disse:


  13. Videogame Noob disse:

    This is funny af, earned a sub

  14. Nick L disse:


  15. Ethan Galura disse:

    Justine Zeta TF

  16. Andrew Newman disse:

    Where is the audio from?

  17. Pun Santos disse:

    I’ve never been dissapointed at myself for being the 100th liker on a video

  18. Moses In the bible disse:

    Why…? I thought it was more private that that.